This ministry is specially designed for school-age children from first through fifth grade. We have a team of leaders who have stepped up to run the show while we are between Children's pastors. The team is committed to making each child that walks through the door on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night feel the love of Jesus. They cover the kid's chapel in prayer and follow the Holy Spirit's guidance when planning worship, activities and lessons. Kids are being led to Jesus and taught about what it means to have a relationship with Him through practical lessons, fun skits and activities.

Weekly Classes

Sunday Mornings | 11am

Wednesday Nights | 7pm (while trimester Growth Groups are in session)

Location: New Life Community Church downstairs Kid's Chapel

Our leadership team consists of volunteers who have been led by the Holy Spirit to serve our church and its school-age kids. They are parents, aunts, uncles and young adults who have answered the calling to guide our children in their walk with Jesus.  We encourage and support the leadership team as they spend countless hours preparing for high-energy and funny lessons for our kids.

Leadership team

Our Sparked leaders are Scott & Rachel Prall, Aaron & Debbie Garcia, Dave & Kim Davi, Derek Enns, Briayan Torres, Courtney Little, Dane Young, Kaira Bernaldez and Becca Menchaca. They bring so much energy with them each Sunday and Wednesday with their elaborate skits, messages, group activities, art projects, worship time and prayer. 

This team's heart is to guide and encourage kids to seek the Lord in their daily lives. They challenge kids to get into the Word and learn scriptures to keep them motivated and hungry for more of Jesus in their lives.