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Whatever It Takes is a campaign that we launched in the middle of a pandemic in 2020. Our church building needed some major repairs and upgrades. We have been so blessed to be able to complete phase one of our two phase building remodel. Please click here to view our Whatever It Takes website for more information about our building remodel.


ONE-TIME GIFT- These funds will provide our church with the up-front cash needed to proceed with renovations. You

can give One-Time Gift the following ways:

a. Give a Cash Gift - As God blesses you with a salary bonus, inheritance, or savings, consider contributing a portion of

these funds to help grow His kingdom.

b. Give an Asset - This form of giving is very common in a variety of charitable settings. Gifts of property, stocks, bonds, 

jewelry, land, etc.can also be favorable from a tax perspective.

ONE OR TWO-YEAR PLEDGE- When deciding what to pledge, please make sure these additional gifts do not defer

current tithes or mission contributions. For these additional gifts to endure 12 or 24 months of sacrifice, consider cutting

back on expenses or stretching financially. This will allow you and your family to make a steady, significant, and lasting

contribution to our church’s legacy. Any 12 or 24 months pledge can be fulfilled weekly, monthly or annually.

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